Enhancing and Facilitating Drug Discovery

Dr. Stephen A Smith CSci CChem FRSC


Recent experience, working mainly with small companies, academia and funding bodies has included analysis / oversight of research proposals, compound libraries and screening output, through to lead optimisation, competitor viewpoint and helping resolve developability issues close to candidate selection.

Extensive use of informatics tools, particularly cheminformatics software, has facilitated decisions.

Co-organised multiple international meetings on topics of interest across Drug Discovery and Early Development.

Training lectures on topics such as the likely requirements for a Clinical Candidate and the ideal Physicochemical Properties of a Drug have been given at various European locations.

Previously, almost 30 years experience of the Drug Discovery process within large Pharma included all aspects of Medicinal Chemistry from screen / HTS set-up to collaboration with Development functions post Candidate Selection.

Experience of leading / co-ordinating cross functional teams to key milestones, including Clinical Candidate decisions, in numerous therapeutic areas.